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Transformation starts within you

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Fresh-faced without harsh chemicals, expensive products, or machinery.

Enjoy traditional relaxing full facial with Organic Canadian-made products by “PURE ANADA” and alginate masks for superior results and glowing complexion.

For absolute works book our signature Lifting facial with Face Massage. The focus of this treatment is to use massage techniques to lift and smooth your skin without the need for an expensive product range. Combining elements of Chinese Gua Sha and classic massage to shift deep-seated toxins and encourage blood flow, bringing contours sharply to the fore.

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Brow Therapy

Struggling with your eyebrows? Long history of plucking and thinning brows makes you unhappy? You are not alone , talk to me!

I will provide:

  • Brow diagnosis
  • Short and long term plan
  • Shape correction using only natural products (sugar paste)
  • Enhancement of density and further correction of shape, length and thickness
  • Educate you on do’s and dont’s
  • Help you to embrace your natural brow shape
  • No adverse effects guaranteed
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Eye Therapy

Treatment for your eyes is refreshing and removes signs of fatigue. Great as complimentary with your lash or brow tint, facial, or any other service. It’s quick and effective. Includes an ampoule and a mask.

For refreshing eye treatment choose between :

  • “Refresh” (cleanse, massage, Collagen mask) relax and unwind for 20 min.
  • “Smooth”(cleanse, massage, Collagen fleece mask) breath deep for 20 min
  • “De-puff”(cleanse, lymph drainage massage, rice bran alginate mask) 30 min
  • “Awake” (lash tint 20 min, Pure Collagen eyelid mask) wake up fresh after 35 min
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The natural way of hair removal.

  • Sugar paste made of sugar, water, and lemon and is literally edible.
  • Hair can be removed at only 1/8″ and remove more actual hair roots.
  • Sugar paste needs to be only bath water temperature so it does not burn the skin.
  • It does not remove the skin because it only sticks to the hair and not the skin.
  • Paste dissolves completely in plain water, there is no residue that viruses or pathogens can adhere to.
  • If you use the sugar method regularly you will see the definite diminishment of the hair re-growth.
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Pedicure | Manicure

Now offering the most hygienic and environmentally friendly WATERLESS Pedicure and Manicure. A natural, petroleum-free alternative to paraffin which is a rich blend of jojoba, soy, palm, and organic coconut oils with Shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils is included in your treatment. The finishing touch is toxic-free nail polish!

  • The most sanitary way to receive a pedicure (or manicure)
  • No cross-contamination from other clients
  • Your feet aren’t coming into contact with the harsh chemicals needed to sanitize tubs
  • Your polish should stay on longer
  • Diabetic-friendly!
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Reiki /Massage

What is REIKI?

Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy that comes from the highest spiritual source. It has its own intelligence and knows exactly where to go and what to do . Reiki works on all levels, physical , emotional and spiritual.
The Universal Life Force comes through the practitioner to the client. The recipient usually feels a warm flow of tingling sensation in their body but the feeling varies . Reiki brings about what the person’s body needs . Reiki helps release the energy block in the client. This block prevents them from healing.


I am pleased to add our new service Scalp massage, as per your requests. You will receive 20 min head massage without oil as stand alone service or add on to your facial treatment.

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Based on 19 reviews
Maria B
Maria B
I recently had the incredible opportunity to experience a Reiki session at Fresh Organic Spa Bar and I must say, it was nothing short of life-changing. From the moment the session began, I could feel my energy shift positively. One of the most remarkable aspects of the session was the way it enhanced the flow of energy within me. What truly amazed me was how this newfound energetic flow translated into real-life manifestations. It's as if the barriers that were holding me back had been gently lifted, allowing my intentions to manifest faster and more effortlessly. It was a remarkable feeling to see my desires come to fruition in such a short span of time. Larissa’s approach was undoubtedly a contributing factor to the success of this session. Her attentive and intuitive guidance, created an environment that felt both nurturing and empowering. I felt completely at ease, knowing that I was in the hands of someone I truly trust and understood the intricate balance of energy and healing. My experience with Larissa was nothing less than transformative. The session left me with a lighter, more energized outlook on life, and the effects of this experience continue to positively impact me to this day. If you're seeking a way to enhance your energetic well-being, manifest your desires more rapidly, and embrace a new found sense of lightness, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this unique experience a try. It might just be the catalyst for positive change that you've been looking for. I look forward to my next session with Larissa! It was undoubtedly a divine experience I’ll never forget.
A Jay
A Jay
Larisa is wonderful. Superb esthetician and delivers excellent results whatever treatment you chose. Highly recommend her to anyone seeking top quality services.
Emily Oliveira
Emily Oliveira
Absolutely AMAZING! I have done waterless pedicures, sugar waxing, reiki (weekly), facial and scalp massage with Larissa. She is personable, professional and talented in her unique way. There is no one like her. I look forward to every appointment!
cristina Bruno
cristina Bruno
Larisa pedicures are the best. Larisa is precise and cares about her customers. What a wonderful experience.
STRONGLY recommend for a sugaring appointment! Aside from the fact that she is friendly and kind, Larisa provides EXCELLENT service. She's thorough, precise and delicate when it comes to her sugaring services. I've had many waxing experiences in the past; some good, some not so good. But my appointment here was probably one of the best experiences I've had yet! Thank you for taking great care of my hair and skin.
Susan Piotrowski
Susan Piotrowski
Larissa, thank you for the wonder, relaxing spa experience. Your lymphatic drainage treatment was fantastic.
Mandy Werner
Mandy Werner
Amazing facial and scalp massage. These two services performed together was seriously the best spa service I have ever received. Larisa truly has that special touch and offers a truly unique spa experience. I highly recommend her face massage. If you’ve never had your face massaged, you are missing out… My tired skin looks rejuvenated and plump after her service. The tension I didn’t even know I was carrying in my face and neck muscles has been erased. Larisa radiates positive energy and really puts in 100% effort.
Swat M
Swat M
Larissa is absolutely amazing! Her sugaring wax service is the best I’ve ever experienced. All organic products and she is very kind.
Michelle Cormack
Michelle Cormack
Larissa is honestly the BEST!! I will not go to anyone else for pedicures. She will provide you with exceptional next level service and care!
Charlene Borg
Charlene Borg
Thank you for fitting me in so quick for a mani and pedi. You were very accommodating!

We care about your self-love journey

Transformation starts within you when you choose your natural beauty shine through and no longer accept societal standards and limitations. We are here to be part of your self-love journey to stay agelessly gorgeous by choosing our range of services like needle-free lifting facial with face massage for radiantly glowing skin, safe and hygienic waterless pedicure for extremely dry feet, virtually painless sugaring hair removal, precious eye area treatments, REIKI, scalp massage and more. We also want our men experience the same love and care. Try our specialty – manzilian. We only use organic beauty products made in Canada and Germany.

It is all about your peace of mind

Waterless Pedicure is the future!

Waterless Pedicure is the future!

Hello My Friend! I am inviting you to discover and fall in love with a new approach to foot care - a waterless pedicure.Sounds interesting? Never heard of it? Is it really a cleaner, safer method...

Face massage: The Secret To Aging Gracefully

Face massage: The Secret To Aging Gracefully

No need for injections and harsh methods. Rediscover your natural beauty with an advanced face massage technique.       Every day we use almost all our facial muscles in...

“Through my hands, I want to deliver energy of love , kindness and compassion to beautify every cell in your body. What we put in our body, on our skin that’s what we are . My goal is to make you feel uplifted and confident to be the best version of yourself naturally.”

Larisa Ferchichi

Fresh Organic Spa Bar Owner


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