Face massage: The Secret To Aging Gracefully

Woman getting a massage
 No need for injections and harsh methods. Rediscover your natural beauty with an advanced face massage technique. 

     Every day we use almost all our facial muscles in expression of any conscious and unconscious emotions which over time tenses those muscles further and further. The build-up of muscle tension causes a so-called “mask” over our normal, relaxed facial structure. Without even noticing, we tighten up our face muscles to keep our “normal” expression that we’re used to, resisting this “mask". This causes premature wrinkles, slack skin, and changes to contouring.

In addition to being a very relaxing, tranquil experience, face massage has a very positive therapeutic effect on skin and facial muscles in the long run.

Many might believe that as years go by, effects of aging on the skin cannot be helped unless through invasive methods such as Botox and fillers but face massages can have fantastic results naturally and non-invasively. How do the cosmetic and physical results of face massages benefit you and your skin?

Glowing skin:

      Poor blood flow has associations with many visually-apparent skin problems. The lack of circulation caused slowly by tension in your facial muscles over time can effectively change the tone and shape of your face. The pink hue in your skin is due to the hemoglobin protein in your blood that carries oxygen through your body which gives skin a healthy glow. Due to the lack of oxygen circulating, this can cause skin to appear pale, spotty, and discoloured. In addition, poorly oxygenated blood emphasises dark undereye circles. Face massage helps increase blood flow, creates a brighter skin tone, and prevents negative aging effects on your skin.

Detoxification and healing:

       Greater circulation decreases pain and improves nutrient flow. Nutrients aid in the expulsion of dead-skin cells which prevents future acne, pimples, excess oils and promotes the production of new cells which helps heal any cuts or wounds. 
Facial muscles are also heavily tied to the lymphatic system which is part of the immune system. Face massage activates this system which flushes out unwanted toxins and drains excess fluid in your face which has a ‘de-puffing’ effect on your skin, prevents skin inflammation, and tones appearance. 

Decreased wrinkles depth, collagen synthesis, strengthening muscles memory:

     The fascia is a specialized connective tissue in your body that interpenetrates and surrounds all muscles, bones, nerves, arteries,veins, and organs. It gives functional structure to every tissue and organ assuring the health of the body. It has an ability to adapt to stress. In other words, if we continually frown, fascia adopts and alters the shape of the muscle which we use. Our skin does not adapt to these alterations quickly and maintains its previous form. The extra skin creates folds and wrinkles.

Very gentle massage movements release superficial trapped, “dried-up” fascia muscle tissue which restricts circulation of blood and lymph in order to promote lubrication (our natural hyaluronic acid) and unblocks nutrients flow essential to healthy skin. This ultimately increases collagen and elastin production and leads to softening of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Gravity is another constant factor that weighs down your skin and face muscles passively. The lifting of muscles through face massage brings them back up and through muscle memory your muscles become more accustomed to stay up and fight against gravity. Toned and lifted muscles equal tighter skin.

Destressing and relaxation 😌:

     Aside from aesthetics, there are many positive body health benefits that the massages provide. De-stressing muscles allows blood to flow freely through your face and skin which eases:
  • Head and neck tightness
  • Headaches 
  • Jaw pain
  • General stress through relaxation
  • Even allergies (Increased blood flow increases your body's histamine release which has decongesting ability)
    Face massages have been a staple in natural skin care dating back 3,000 years ago in China and provide lasting benefits which are far more cost effective compared to expensive cosmetic procedures whose effects are inherently temporary due to their non-holistic properties. 

    Conditions (when facial massage is not recommended):

    • High temperature or fever
    • Acute inflammation, swelling 
    • Acute acne 
    • Recent ( 6 month) surgery on neck or face 
    • Recent ( 3 weeks ) Botox/ fillers injections 
    • Recent scar tissue 
    • Cuts or open wounds 
    • Hypersensitivity, sunburn, damaged skin 
    • High or low blood pressure 
    • Diabetes (partial contraindication, recommended to have your medication on you , some sweets, crackers etc.) 
    • Cancer, HIV, other medical conditions( please consult your family physician )
    • Pregnancy (within first 3 month if there is a history of miscarriage( consult your family doctor )
    • If you have any doubts please seek the advice of your medical professional. 

    What to expect upon arrival and during the treatment: 

         I have created for you a luxurious combination of facial and massage, a lifting facial with face massage so you can enjoy both worlds in a duration of 1 hour 30 min (introductory price is 100$ ).

    • 10 min. consultation/ getting comfortable 
    • Face cleansing and light exfoliation
    • 45 min massage starting from the feet,  top part of the back, shoulders, neck, décolletage, scalp, face 
    • 15 min lifting mask
    Give yourself permission to indulge and enjoy the journey of new discovery. 

    I have been practicing traditional relaxation and hot stone massage for nearly 20 years. I am always happy to share my knowledge and help you on your journey of holistic anti-aging skin care. 
    You can book a Lifting facial with face massage with me here!