Waterless Pedicure is the future!

Softening callusues and cuticles in a cozy and clean environment with zero chance of cross contamination.

Hello, my friend! 

     I am inviting you to discover and fall in love with a new approach to foot care - a waterless pedicure.

Sounds interesting? Never heard of it? Is it really a cleaner, safer method than the traditional foot bath pedicure?

The facts below should convince you that IT IS and actualize the verified benefits of the waterless method for your feet!  

Stay with me and I will serve you “your best feet” ever! 

Waterless pedicure is far more sanitary

     Foot fungus and bacteria transference between clients is a real issue in traditional spas. Even if the spa takes effective measures to clean tools while working on your feet, fungus and bacteria from previous clients can still linger in foot bathtubs after drainage. The warm, wet environment is perfect for bacteria to cultivate and spread.

Instead of exposing you to these conditions, here at Fresh Organic spa bar I will make sure that you have the cleanest experience and you will never have to think of any skin infection 🐍again . 

First of all, I start with sanitizing your feet and my hands before and after putting a pair of fresh gloves, next is an assessment of your feet condition ( no worries I gotcha ya) followed by an application of callus and cuticle softener, wrapping in a nice, hot disposable towel, and snagged by a hot bootie (ahh feels so good 😌). 

Have peace of mind knowing that your feet will be secured in a sanitized environment, free of any bacteria, before being worked on. 


This eco-fin treatment is built into your pedicure expereince. This treatment will soften the skin, seal the cracks and keep your heals soft for longer.

Higher quality pedicure and smoother feet!

     I want to leave your feet feeling as comfy and looking as pretty as possible! 

The waterless method helps them fulfill that. Looking from the eyes of a spa therapist, if your feet are absorbed in water, calluses become harder to differentiate from skin leading to a visibly less effective pedicure when the skin dries afterwards.

Considering the effect on your toenails, when submerged in water they expand slightly and contract when dried. After nail polish is applied, the contraction of your nails makes the polish more easily chipped and cracked after drying and there is a need for re-application sooner than it should be.

Additionally, the over-absorption of water leaves the skin on your feet elastic-like and very pliable. This makes calluses and cuticles harder to work with and more susceptible to tearing and creating wounds during your pedi (ow! 😫). Open wounds mixed with the previously mentioned factor of fungus and bacteria in foot baths can lead to an infection such as spa pool folliculitis or others that could even require surgery. 

The waterless method hydrates your feet just enough so that calluses are visible and your cuticles aren't too tender to work with ensuring happy feet before and after your visit with me! 👣🥰

Watch a quick demonstration of a waterless pedicure held on The Doctors Show: 

I have discovered this method in the South of the USA and decided to drop the traditional pedicure completely and adopt the waterless for my organic spa after learning of the advantages of this modern method. 

If you’re convinced about waterless pedicure, book a relaxing appointment with me at Fresh Organic Spa Bar here! If you still have questions feel free to contact us and I will be more than happy to share more information.